Kadampa Center Stupa

Opportunity to Connect

Tashi Delek!

We have a special opportunity for our community to connect (or reconnect) with our stupa.

Fortunately, Jampal Hyolmo, the original artist who guided the building of our stupa, is available to make repairs and lead a team of volunteers in the amazing opportunity to repaint the stupa!

Painting starts Monday, Aug 10 and is expected to last up to two weeks. 

If you have the time, and wish to participate in this amazing opportunity – volunteer now!

(Yes – you may sign up for multiple slots:)

(REVISING SCHEDULE! We are adding more opportunities for early evening/weekends)

In order to maintain social distancing and keep all volunteers safe, we have a number of different days and staggered time slots available. Please note, you will be required to wear a mask/face covering.

Weather and Time have taken their toll on our beautiful stupa.

The story of our stupa…

“The more people involved, the more energy gathers. The more energy gathers, the more holy it becomes.” 

~ Geshe Gelek Chodha

Renovation Expenses are estimated to be $1,500

Sponsor the Stupa Renovation!

“We need to look for opportunities to create merit. Somebody who is really intent on practicing Buddhism and practicing the perfection of generosity, sees contributing to a stupa and care of a stupa as a privilege and opportunity.” ~ Don Brown

Communicating an intention for your generosity supports the development of your heart and mind, and provides practical feedback about what inspires the Kadampa Center community. Contributions are received with the understanding that Kadampa Center has discretion over the use of all donated funds.

If you wish to share an intention, have any questions, or need more information, please let us know ~ there are many ways to connect with Kadampa Center!

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