“Saving the world from the climate crisis is our common responsibility. We must find ways to exercise freedom with responsibility.”

~His Holiness the Dalai Lama


Kadampa Center is going solar!

Our intention is to provide a variety of opportunities for practice and to accommodate members of all ages, from those with disabilities to young children. The first phase was to lay the brickwork around the back of the building and around the courtyard that connects to the front sidewalk and stupa path. We are now entering the second phase of beautifying the path and creating a community gathering area. Details on the Buddha Shrine will be shared soon. Please check our calendar for current volunteer opportunities!

Sponsor Dedications

“In gratitude to our precious teachers, and for the benefit of all sentient beings until they may reach full enlightenment.”

Big Love and Appreciation,

“Our intention was to contribute to a safe activity for us to use during these trying times.”

Carol and Jim Young

“May all who do kora on this path
quickly find mental happiness.”

Jim and Cherie Sutorus

“May it benefit all now and future participants.”


“How fortunate are we at the Kadampa Center, to have a path to follow that leads to liberation and full enlightenment as well as a path that allows us to create vast amounts of virtue as we circumambulate our holy objects. With this new beautiful pathway, not only those with able bodies can walk or move freely around, but those that need to amble, roll or walk side by side with support may now gain access. Thank you to all those who set intentions for this process and completion. May all sentient beings be blessed by your efforts now and in the three times.”

Jill Marie

“May all who walk on the circumambulation path generate merit and take steps toward enlightenment.”

Peter Cranford

Circumambulation is a practice of devotion, mindfulness, and the accumulation of merit. Geshe Gelek has advised that we circumambulate not just the stupa, but also the entire gompa and thereby all the holy objects inside.

During the pandemic, Geshe Sangpo began leading this practice each month. Grounds volunteers created a temporary path around the building as a trial or test for the opportunity.

The opportunity to circumambulate the gompa, stupa, and garden Buddha attracts many practitioners who are able to practice with their teacher safely outside. Many in our community come to circumambulate on their own (and with their pets, too).

“The more people involved, the more energy gathers. The more energy gathers, the more holy it becomes.”

~ Geshe Gelek Chodha

Project Details

Circumambulation Path

The Circumambulation Path project consisted of excavation and disposal of soils to achieve proper sub-grade, installation of a compacted base, sand setting bed, pavers with sand swept joints, and edge restraint. At the advice of Geshe Sangpo, the path follows the outside edge of the courtyard to allow for the largest circumambulation space.

The approximate cost of the pavers was $5,200, installation materials was $1,500 and for professional preparation of the grounds, machinery and installation, $12,000

Buddha Garden Shrine Repairs and Enhancements

A few weeks ago, a storm damaged the roof of the pergola over our Garden Buddha and throne. We are working on more detailed estimates/phases to build a beautiful new shrine for the Buddha as well as planning other aspects of the outside practice area.

We are roughly estimating costs to be:

  • Shrine for the Buddha $10,000-$15,000
  • Landscaping/Picnic Tables/Sun Shade/Electrical  $7,000 – $10,000

These special projects are all in support of our mission as a spiritual community committed to transforming the minds and lives of individuals and societies into the highest ideals of enlightened wisdom, compassion, and skillful action through the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism in the Gelugpa tradition.  If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us.

Share in the Merit

 Everyone in our community has the opportunity to create merit by practicing the perfection of generosity. Whether $1 or $1,000 – any level of giving to these incredible dharma projects will create lasting merit!
Geshe Gelek has often said that those who support the creation of a holy object or opportunity to practice, will share in the merit every time someone uses it in practice. 

Communicating an intention for your generosity supports the development of your heart and mind, and provides practical feedback about what inspires the Kadampa Center community. Contributions are received with the understanding that Kadampa Center has discretion over the use of all donated funds.

If you wish to make a major donation toward these special dharma projects,
please contact us so that we may work with you to fulfill your intention and dedication.

Photo Gallery

Please check back often – we will post pictures as progress is made!