Exciting News!

Khensur Rinpoche may be visiting Kadampa Center this fall!

Khensur Rinpoche Jetsun Lobsang Delek, our Geshes’ precious teacher, has accepted our standing invitation to return to Kadampa Center. We have been working through the visa process and hope to be able to confirm this awesome news soon!

There will be many opportunities to volunteer and to sponsor teachings, travel, and events. Kadampa Center has a lot of experience hosting important teachers. We have an amazing community with a lot of knowledge and generosity not only with financial support but also generosity in time and talent.

For now, we need to create the causes and conditions for this rare opportunity to bring this high lama here to Kadampa Center!

Teams have begun to beautify the circumambulation path and our grounds, and replace the Buddha Shrine (learn more about these projects).

The current plan for his visit includes teachings in person every Friday, Saturday and Sunday while he is here (we are hoping for four weekends), and online teachings on Wednesday evenings. In addition, he will give four tantric empowerments, one each weekend. More later on which specific empowerments he will offer. 

We also plan a spiritual+social event one weekend – Khensur Rinpoche will lead us in circumambulating the gompa and stupa, and afterward we will have a picnic on our grounds.

Who is Khensur Rinpoche?

As our precious Geshes’ teacher, Khensur Rinpoche has a special connection with our center and our community. We have been fortunate to host Khensur Rinpoche in person twice before, most recently in 2011.

This return visit is over a decade in the making!

Khensur Rinpoche Lobsang Delek

Please watch for announcements on how you can get involved!

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